Frank is in the process of installing the rest of the stainless and front bumper and looks forward to getting his 64 Impala back on the road.

Frank did a fantastic job on the body work himself and took the car to a paint shop in Tampa.  After being promised he would get the car back in two weeks, it took more than a month.  Worse yet, they painted the car the wrong color!  Instead of the factory original color you see on the car in this picture, they had painted it a light powder blue!

Needless to say, there were some very unhappy moments.  A couple weeks later, they repainted the car in base coat/clear coat and color sanded it to a beautiful finish.​



2828 Wiregrass Rd. Lakeland, Fl. 33810

Frank Foglia's '64 Impala​

​Frank Foglia is working on his 64 Impala.  He just got the car back from the paint shop and is installing the exterior stainless and bumpers.

Frank Foglia

'64 Impala